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We help every day. We thank the benefactors for their trust.

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Help from the "Zamglai Psychoneurological Boarding School"

  BF Zymorodok in Chernihiv Oblast. Happy New Year and Christmas holidays to the pupils of the “Zamglai Psychoneurological Boarding School”. It is nice to see the happy eyes of the staff and pupils. We are glad to be able to help. Thank you to everyone who made this meeting possible. Sincere thanks to our defenders. We give the warmth of our hearts every day to everyone who needs it. BF Zymorodok: step by step to victory! Scroll the tape. We report daily.

Help is needed

Good deeds for BF Zymorodok are like a daily breath of fresh air. We sincerely thank all those who turn to us, all those who help us, all and everyone who does good to their neighbor. WE are all invincible, invincible and free. WE ALL are a part of Ukraine that brings light to every home, every heart. Today is no exception. Help for a wonderful family. May everything be good for everyone! BF Kingfisher: around forever!

Help with the necessary medicines

BF Zymorodok helps everyone. We recently received an appeal to help with medication. And already today the man is undergoing treatment. Necessary drugs were purchased and given to the patient. We sincerely wish you a speedy recovery. Let every next day bring only happy news. Peace to all and positivity!

Help Olizarivka

Every day someone needs help, and someone can provide it. Recently, we had the opportunity to please the residents of Olizariv with grocery sets. Not long ago, they had to survive the occupation. But, thanks to God and the Armed Forces, today they can live their peaceful lives. A little more, and every Ukrainian will live under a free, peaceful, Ukrainian sky. Our defenders do the impossible there, and we help them here. Thank you to those who are holding the line, we are praying for you and your safe return home.

Along with Macdonald's

A low bow today to those who care selflessly for others. There are not many such people, but they do exist. These are People with a Capital Letter: Benefactors and Patrons from Macdonald’s Corporation. It is thanks to our cooperation that hundreds of residents of Kyiv region received food packages today. May the Almighty grant you long and happy summers. Peaceful sky and quick victory!

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