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We help every day. We thank the benefactors for their trust.

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Purchase of an ultrasound machine

The Zymorodok Charitable Fund is always on the lookout for health, and in this difficult time the fund actively helps medical institutions by purchasing various medical devices, namely ultrasound devices.

Free mammogram for Ladyzhyn

The Zymorodok Charitable Foundation is launching the campaign “Prevention is better than cure” in Ladyzhyn, Vinnytsia region. There, for two days, a mobile mammogram worked free of charge for all those who wanted to. During this time, more than 160 women underwent mammary gland examinations. BF ZYMORODOK helps.

Ultrasound in Vinnytsia

Recently, the Zymorodok Charitable Fund helped a hospital, namely the emergency department in the city of Vinnytsia, which needed an ultrasound machine. We are sincerely grateful to our benefactors for such urgent help! Together we are stronger!

Handkerchief Aid from the Zimorodok Outpatient Fund

  Носівка. Невеличке селище на Чернігівщині з чудовими краєвидами. Саме сюди нещодавно завітав БФ Зимородок. Є тут невеличка амбулаторія, але недостатньо облаштована меблями. Сьогодні лікарі отримали новенькі меблі у свої кабінети. Дорогі наші земні янголи-охоронці, хай вам легко та комфортно працюється. Здоров’я вашим родинам та довголіття!

Assistance to the Nizhny Novgorod City Hospital

In the conditions of the pandemic, NIZHYNSKA city hospital, like every medical institution in the state, needs protective equipment, disinfectants and medical equipment that will save people from the virus. The Zimorodok Charitable Foundation is an organization that is more than 3 years old. But during this short period, its representatives helped hundreds of people who faced hardship or a serious illness.

Help in the city of Ichnia

Ichnya is a small town in the Chernihiv region that had to survive the occupation. The other day BF “Zymorodok” managed to provide humanitarian support to the residents of Ichna. We sincerely thank everyone involved in the organization and delivery of aid. Thanks to you, we managed to provide many families with the most necessary means.

Help with an oxygen concentrator

Since medicine today is not at a high level of provision, it is extremely important to purchase the necessary equipment to fight the coronavirus. The Zymorodok charity fund helps and buys equipment for hospitals in various cities and towns. The Zymorodok Charitable Fund is always nearby

Children's regional hospital

Help has already reached its goal! Our tireless volunteers brought help to the Children’s Regional Hospital. Thank you to everyone who trusts and joins in helping. Together we are a force!

Assistance to the mother and child center in Vinnytsia

Thanks to our philanthropic friends from Germany, we were able to provide assistance to a mother and child home in Vinnytsia. They provided everything necessary for our little babies. We wish everyone that the bright peaceful sun will shine as soon as possible, so that in every yard we can hear the sonorous children’s laughter.
We thank everyone who helps, supports and does not leave us alone with problems. Peace to all and God’s blessing!

Nosiv city hospital

Nosiv City Hospital received the antiseptic. Thank you for your feedback. Use with pleasure. Take care of your health and the health of others.
We thank our sponsors “VENCOR TRADING” LLC for the opportunity to help hospitals with AllSteril antiseptic
BF Kingfisher! Protection every day!

Aid to the Zhuravskaya Hospital

Recently, BF Zymorodok provided assistance to the hospital in the village of Zhuravka. Quite often hospitals do not have enough furniture. To preserve medical preparations, nomenclature, etc. The medical workers of the Zhuravsk hospital today received furniture that will help the medical staff in their work. Aid to medical institutions is a contribution to our health and to the health of the country. We wish everyone to stay healthy and kind!


From November 30 to December 7, BF “Zymorodok” together with the laboratory “INVITRO” is holding the promotion “ECG for 1 hryvnia”.
Often we postpone a visit to the doctor due to lack of time or money. We give you a unique opportunity to examine the most important organ — the heart — at a minimal cost, near your home. Come!
Bring your friends and relatives!
BF “Zymorodok” takes care of your health together with “INVITRO”!

Help with antiseptics to Vinnytsia hospitals

BF Zymorodok provided hospitals in Vinnytsia with AllSteril antiseptic. Ecological, safe solution of the new generation, destroys almost all types of bacteria and viruses. Protects people while preserving nature.
We would like to thank our sponsors “VENCOR TRADING” LLC for the opportunity to organize assistance to medical institutions in the form of antiseptics.
BF Kingfisher! Reliable protection every day

Vinnytsia City Hospital No. 3

Every day, each of us reads a request for help. BF Zymorodok does not stand aside from the problems of Ukrainians. Every day we find new corridors to receive and provide assistance to our population. Today, assistance was handed over to the Vinnytsia Regional Hospital. We thank our friends from Germany for their sincere support. We are grateful to everyone who helped deliver humanitarian aid from the border to its destination, volunteers and, of course, our defenders!
Unity is our strength!
Everything will be Ukraine!

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